3X Zoom (Telephoto, Telescope) Lens for Samsung Galaxy S8 / Galaxy S8 Plus (S8+)

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Model: AGT005500
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Want to take photos of breathtaking sunsets and sports in action. Bring distant subjects closer for selfies, portraits, large group photos, architectural shots, and cityscapes?

Want to capture memories to hold on to forever?

Now you can!

This 3X Telephoto Lens is a great addition to your phone. It doubles your optical zoom. Bring your subject closer with ease.

Simply screw the lens to the dedicated threaded back cover and you're ready to go.

Unique Features:
DEDICATED: This set of lens kit is DEDICATED, other universal lenses are not comparable!
- BIG SAVINGs: One purchase for long use, the Lens is still usable when you change to a new phone, say Galaxy Note 8, iPhone 7 or even other HTC, Sony or so), so when you got a new phone, just check with us if we have such cover, then you just need a cover instead of buying a new model.
- LARGE RANGE of LENSes: The back cover is suitable for our other lenses for this model or in the same category, do check out DIY Sub-category, it is placed under the corresponding category of the phone model
- Premium Quality: Made of Glass, not by plastic as others in the market

*** see note below or check with us before purchase ***

- A Simple lens to Trible your optical zoom, the best way to bring distant subjects closer and minimizing the noise to the image.
- Multicoated anti-reflection optical glass
- Portable and detachable, you can take photo with your phone at any time.
- Comes with a Back Cover. Whenever you need to take photo, just screw on the Lens on, then you can take picture with your phone with all the things showing up.
- High Clarity: Made of high-class glass
- Strong: The Lens Housing is Made of top-grade Aluminuim.

This accessory is compatible with:
- Samsung Galaxy S8
- Samsung Galaxy S8+

*** check their corresponding pages carefully to see if your device is compatible or not ***

- Want to know if this amazing lens will fit with your device? Just type the model in the search box or PLEASE feel free to contact us. We will be happy to assist you.

Colors Available( Back Cover):
- Black

Options (not included):
- 2X Telephoto Lens
- 9X Super Telephoto Lens
- 18X Telescope Lens

- All brand names and trademarks are properties of their respective holders and are referred to here for descriptive purpose only.
- Photo attached is for reference only. It might be slightly varied in items of colour, shape from the actual item delivered from time to time.
- The lens for this product is mostly compatible with other covers, but due to product innovations or the changes of the phone's specifications, we cannot have such guarantee, please do check out our corresponding DIY page or see if we have specified so.
- For model with Dual Lenses, please note only one of the camera - the outer one will use with the add-on lens, the other camera may be blocked or not compatible with the add-on lens.

Manufacturer's Information:
- Brand: DCKina
- Model: DCK005500
- Youtube / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram Tag: #DCK005500

Specifications (Lens):
- Net Weight: 15g (Net)
- Dimensions: 27.5mm dia x 19.2mm
- Magnification: 3X Telephoto
- Lens Construction: 3 glasses in 2 groups
- Lens Housing: Aluminum

Package Includes:
- 3X Telephoto Lens x 1
- Lens Cover (Plastic, Back and Front) x 1
- Back Cover for Smartphone x 1

- Blister



This product was added to our catalog on Friday 20 October, 2017.

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