OEM Samsung Cellphone In-Car Charger (20P s)

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Model: AGT001477
Shipping Weight: 55g



Adapter Plug for you to use to charge your cell phone in your car while you are on the way. Keep your cell phone running for your needs.
This is for Samsung Cellphones using 20P (s) socket.

Genaral FEATURE(S):
- Plugs into the lighter adapter
- Cord (Coil) extends so you can talk on the phone while it's plugged in
- LED indicator
- Slim

This accessory is compatible with:

- Samsung Saga (SCH-i770),Omnia (SCH-i910),SCH-r200, SCH-r210 Spex, SCH-r210 Spex ,SCH-R210 Spex, SCH-r300,SCH-r300, SCH-r410,SCH-r430 MyShot,SCH-r430,SCH-r430 MyShot, SCH-r430, SCH-R450 Messager,SCH-R450 Messager, SCH-r500 Hue,SCH-r500 SCH-r500, SCH-r500, SCH-r550,SCH-r600, SCH-r610, SCH-r610,SCH-r800 Delve, SCH-r800, SCH-u310, SCH-u430, SCH-u470, SCH-u650, SCH-u700, SCH-u706, SCH-u810, SCH-u900,SCH-u940,SGH-a117 , SGH-a127,SGH-a137,SGH-a226,SGH-a227, SGH-a237, SGH-a517,SGH-a637,SGH-a737, SGH-a747, SGH-a767, SGH-a777, SGH-a827, SGH-a837, SGH-a867, SGH-i617, SGH-i907SGH-t109,SGH-t229,SGH-t339,SGH-t409, SGH-t429,SGH-t439, SGH-t459, SGH-t539,SGH-t639,SGH-t729, SGH-t739,SGH-t819, SGH-t919, SPH-a513, SPH-a523, SPH-i325, SPH-m300,SPH-m305 DM-s105,SPH-m310,SPH-m510, SPH-m520,SPH-m520,SPH-m800 ,SPH-z400
- Any other Samsung Mobile Phones with the same type charging connector (20P-S)

Colors Available:

- This is NOT Samsung accessories. Samsung and all other brand names (or logos) are belonging to their respective onwers.

- Input: 12 ~ 24VDC
- Output 5V, 1000mA

Package Includes:
- In Car Samsung Mobile Phone (20P S) Retractable Charger x 1

- Blister


This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 05 March, 2011.

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